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SpringRock Dental - Aurora's Finest Dentist

Welcome to SpringRock Dental! Our Aurora, Colorado dental office believes in the importance of preventative dental care. Dental cleanings and exams are the core of our practice; we want to nip any possible issues before they cause any pain (or any extra expense)!

Dr. Jalili Fazel,  and our friendly and experienced dental care team are up to date on the latest information and techniques in order to provide you and your family the best possible dental care that Aurora, Colorado can offer! We are here to help you meet any and all of your oral health goals.

Providing A Friendly & Nurturing Environment!

At SpringRock Dental our mission is to provide access to high quality, affordable oral health care in the communities we serve. We are more than a dental office in Aurora, CO; we are a team of caring, compassionate oral health experts, committed to ensuring that all people, including those who are underserved, have access to high quality oral health services.

A healthy smile not only increases self-confidence, but impacts the overall health of our patients. We believe that collaborative, family-centered care, focused on disease prevention and early intervention, with an additional emphasis on health promotion and oral health education.  hese core belief sysem is critical to changing the traditional landscape of dentistry. We are committed to engaging the entire community and building community-based interventions, focused on oral health awareness, outreach, and education.

Behind each smile, there is a story, we understand that each of our patients has a unique story, and through compassionate family-centered care we will create confident, healthy smiles. We also know that trust is at the center of building healthy smiles, and we are dedicated to forging patient and community relationships, in a safe space, that encourages ongoing trust.

It’s time that you visited SpringRock Dental and experienced the SpringRock difference, we can’t wait to meet you and exceed your expectations!

Our office is located in Aurora, CO but we also regularly see patients from the surrounding areas as well, including Denver, City Center North, Centretech, Sable Ridge, Centre Pointe, Lowery, Hilltop, Montclair, and Aurora Highlands.

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    Learn More About Us

    Here at Spring Rock Dental, our goal is to provide you and your family with top-notch dental care in a friendly and relaxing environment. At your first appointment, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with our dentist to discuss your personal oral health concerns and any goals you may have for your smile. Learn more
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    Request Appointment

    Remember, we provide quality dental care to the citizens of Aurora, City Center North, Centretech, Expo Park, Village East, Utah park, Highline Villages, Sable Ridge, Centre Pointe, Lowery, Hilltop, Montclair, Sienna, Auburn Hill, Aurora Highlands, Kingsborough, Lakeshore, and Sterling Hills! Click Here
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    Get In Touch

    If you’re ready to take the next step by becoming a patient here at Spring Rock Dental, please request an appointment here or give us a call for more information!
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    Our Office Tour

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    Our Office Tour

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    Our Office Tour

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