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Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a cosmetic procedure to improve the appearance of your smile. Bonding is a popular cosmetic procedure because it’s such a fast and easy way to make a big change! During a bonding procedure, a plastic resin material is applied to the teeth and then hardened, “bonding” the material to the tooth. In addition to adding to the aesthetics of your smile, bonding can also be used as a filling if you need to fill in any spaces between teeth, protect the roots of your teeth if your gums are receding, and repair teeth that have been decayed.

Whether you have a chipped tooth, or if you start to notice discoloration or darkening as you get older, dental bonding is one of the easiest and most cost-effective of all your cosmetic dental options!

What happens during a dental bonding procedure?

During your procedure, the surface of the teeth will be slightly roughened up and a conditioning liquid will be applied. This will help the bonding resin adhere to your tooth. After this, the resin will be applied to the tooth and our own Aurora gentle dentist will smooth and mold it into the right shape. Once the bonding material is shaped, a special UV light will be used to harden the material. This is a very simple procedure, usually only lasting around 30 minutes!

You don’t need to care for your bonded teeth any differently than your natural teeth, just be sure to brush and floss regularly! With the right care, bonding can last up to 10 years.

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