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Dental Restorations

Dental restorations are used to restore or improve the function and look of missing or damaged teeth. In the past, there weren’t many options for correcting imperfections in teeth, but with today’s technology there are many different ways for you to improve your smile!

Reasons To Consider A Dental Restoration

There are several reasons you may need to receive a restoration. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • The improvement or correction of your jaw alignment
  • Preventing the loss of a tooth
  • Enhancing the look of your smile
  • Filling in spaces between your teeth
  • Fixing decayed or damaged teeth
  • Replacing missing or lost teeth

Types of Restorations:

There are several types of dental restorations, each used to fix specific problems. Below are the most common restorations and why they’re used:

  • Sealants - Dental sealants are a clear film applied to the teeth in liquid form and then dried onto the surfaces. Sealants are a preventative measure used to protect the vulnerable grooves and spaces of teeth, especially molars. This type of restoration is common in children who are just learning how to brush and may not be able to get all of the surfaces as well.
  • Dental Fillings - Fillings are used to repair teeth damaged by cavities. Composite materials are placed directly into the cavity in order to seal it off and make sure bacteria can’t enter the tooth and cause infection or decay.
  • Dental Crowns - Dental crowns are caps placed over the top of the tooth to cover all sides of the tooth as well as the top. Crowns are used when the tooth is too weak, or the damaged area is too large for dental fillings to fix. In addition, crowns can be placed over top of small or misshapen teeth to restore look and function.
  • Dental Bridges - Bridges are placed in the mouth to fill gaps in your smile caused by lost or missing teeth. Crowns are placed onto the teeth on either side of the gap and a prosthetic tooth is placed in between them - literally “bridging the gap!”
  • Veneers - Veneers are thin porcelain shells that fit over the front of teeth, usually the front teeth. Veneers are used to change the color, length or shape of teeth for cosmetic purposes.

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