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Soda Harms Dental Health – Kick The Habit To The Curb!

Kid Drinking Soad and Damaging Oral HealthSoda isn’t great for your overall health, but it’s especially bad for your dental health. Not only is soda full of sugar, it is also highly acidic. This combination will wreak havoc on your dental health by weakening your tooth enamel and making you more vulnerable to dental cavities, tooth decay, and infections.

Unfortunately, the soda habit can be a tough one to quit. The sugar and caffeine prove to be quite an addicting duo. Luckily, there are a few tried and true ways to give up soda for good.

Tips On Quitting Soda

Below are steps that experts have put together to help you quit drinking soda for good:

  1. Commit to quitting – The first step to quitting anything, including soda, is to make up your mind to quit. Whether you want to stop drinking soda altogether or if you just want to cut back a little, it’s important that you’re completely committed to your decision.
  2. Switch to diet soda – Gradually make the switch to diet soda. We suggest committing to stop purchasing regular soda and then work the diet in with your remaining regular soda stash. For example, if you drink 3 cans of soda a day, cut down to only 2 – one diet and one regular. Keep up with this switch until you’re down to one diet can of soda a day.
  3. Switch to caffeine-free soda – Once you’re down to one diet soda a day, it’s time to make the switch to a caffeine-free diet soda. This might be the toughest step, as caffeine is the most addictive substance in soda. Once you’ve made the switch and you’re completely caffeine-free, it will be much easier to give up soda altogether.
  4. Have alternatives available – Lastly, make sure you have alternatives on hand. We suggest tea, milk, or ice-cold water, all of which are healthy. As long as you don’t keep your drink choices too boring, you won’t be tempted to go back to soda!

With the above steps, you’re giving up one vice at a time. Instead of cutting out sugar, caffeine, and soda all at once, you first cut out the sugar, then the caffeine, and lastly the soda. Quitting each of these substances one at a time is much easier than trying to cut them out all at the same time.

Please keep us updated on your progress as you try to kick soda to the curb! For more tips on staying healthy or if you need to make an appointment with our dentist, please contact SpringRock Dental. Our dental office is located in Aurora, CO.

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