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Why You Should Avoid Using Teething Gels For Your Baby

Baby with teething toyHere at SpringRock Dental, we know how difficult teething can be, both for babies and for their parents! When you learn that your child is teething, it can be tempting to reach for a quick fix, such as the pain relieving teething gels found in the stores. Unfortunately, these gels may actually pose harm to your child.

Why You Should Avoid Teething Gel

According to the FDA, pain relieving oral gels could possibly be harming your child’s health. Below are a few concerns related to teething gel:

  • The main concern is regarding accidental overdose. If too much gel is applied, your child will swallow the excess. Many parents are unaware of how much gel should be applied and some have even soaked their child’s pacifier in gel before giving it to their baby. Many children have already suffered from teething gel overdoses.
  • Results of these overdoses can include brain injuries, problems with vision, heart problems, seizures, and even death. These consequences are caused from the overdose of lidocaine contained in the teething gel. Your child’s health is too important to risk because of teething gel.
  • Lastly, benzocaine contained in some oral teething gels (such as Anbesol and Baby Orajel) can result in a disorder known as methemoglobinemia. This disorder reduces the amount of oxygen carried by the bloodstream, which will lead to many health problems for your child.

Alternatives To Teething Gel

Instead of risking your child’s healthy by using potentially harmful teething gels, there are many other ways to help ease your child’s pain. These include:

  • Let your child teeth on a clean, cool washcloth. 
  • Put your child’s pacifier in the freezer for a few minutes, as the cool temperature can help with the swelling and pain.
  • Rub your child’s gums with your (clean) fingers or a washcloth. The counter-pressure will relieve the pain caused by the erupting tooth.

If you have any concerns about your child’s health, or if you’d like to make an appointment here at SpringRock Dental, please contact our Aurora, CO family dental office. We offer dental care in Aurora, CO.

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